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Yoga Sadhana organization has established in 2010 at Paschim Vihar, Delhi endeavor to provide healthy lifestyle to all health conscious individuals and improve their quality of life through Naturopathy coupled with Yoga, Meditation & Preksha Dhiyana to stay disease free unto old age.

Our Testimonials:
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Naturopathy is a complete science and art of drugless system of healing for healthy living.

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Private Classes

We can offer private classes for individuals seeking one on one attention for their yoga practise.

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Yoga for diseases

No matter how much excess weight or fat you have, if you want to lose weight permanently, your diet program should be directed toward a slow, steady weight loss.

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Meditation means awareness. Whatever you do with awareness is meditation. "Watching your breath" is meditation; listening to the birds is meditation.

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Nutrition & diet

Nutritious food is one that contains all the essential nutrients - proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

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Medical Astrology

Astrology is a science as well as an art with scientific application of various planetary positions as well as experience, an accurate forecast can be made.

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