About Us

Yoga Sadhana organization has established in 2010 at Paschim Vihar, Delhi endeavor to provide healthy lifestyle to all health conscious individuals and improve their quality of life through Naturopathy coupled with Yoga, Meditation & Preksha Dhiyana to stay disease free unto old age.


International Naturopathy Organization, New Delhi.

Nisargo Upcharak Sangh, New Delhi

Our Vision

Wellness and wellbeing for all.

Our Mission

To create awareness and provide yoga science & Naturopathy to all individuals, all over the world.

Our Commitment

We are committed to establish yoga as an integral part of life of every human being with modern scientific base. “Yoga Sadhna” foundation is running different projects and activities in Yoga & Naturopathy..


www.yogasadhna.in is the website of scientific yoga & naturopathy awareness to reach upto the people and to let people know about Yoga & Naturopathy.

The Yoga Sadhna Studio

We are running the yoga Sadhna to teach people about yogic science. It is scientifically proved that yoga is the effective tool to help people to have fitness, flexibility, strength, stamina, better memory power, sharp mind, increased working efficiency and health. We have started yoga Studio from Delhi and NCR and establishing it's chain all over the world.

Uplift the Remote area of Delhi & NCR

It needs proper attention and contribution from privileged group of people. There is another side of truth that a few people are enjoying the luxuries and most of the people are dying of starvation. It is the time when we need to contemplate seriously and take right action to improve the situation other wise it will create un-curable wound and we will have nothing but to regret. So we have taken initiation to contribute for the cause of Delhi & NCR remote area.

We are working in old aged homes to serve old aged people. We teach them yoga & meditation and make them active, which they enjoy most. We heal their problems and encourage to live happy life. It is great and glorious feeling. We have in return after serving them they give blessing, which is heart touching moment. we have taken pledge within to serve better in this global village. We invite all of you to join hands with us to move together not one after another. So that, we will be able to achieve a glory for all.

Our Associates

  • Dishita Health Care – Burari, New Delhi
  • International Naturopathy Organization, New Delhi
  • Nisargo Upcharak Sangh, New Delhi

Yoga Sadhna Members

  • Dr. Atul Kumar
  • Dr. Amit Singh
  • Dr. Rekha Gowsami
  • Dr. J.B.Rahi
  • Dr. Manoj Goswami
  • Ms. Babita Singh
  • Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh
  • Ms. Sanjana Singh
  • Mr. Sumit Kumar
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